Squamish United Church

Squamish United Church is a congregation of the United Church of Canada. The United Church of Canada is a mainline Reformed denomination it is the largest Protestant Christian denomination in Canada, and the largest Canadian Christian denomination after the Roman Catholic Church.

Squamish United Church is a place that welcomes your questions of faith.  At the heart of our community is a belief that how we live is as important as what we believe. Squamish United Church follows a progressive form of Christianity, which means:

We take the Bible very seriously but not literally.

We understand the bible as inspired by God, written by humans in the context of ancient communities. We use the Bible as a central source of wisdom, inspiration, revelation, understanding and guidance for our life.

We follow the Way of Jesus

As Christians we understand Jesus to be the person and divine who shows us what it means to live fully connected with The Holy. We look to the story of Jesus and the way he lived as a model for our own living.  We recognize the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to all be significant within his and our faith life.

We are not alone. God is with us

We understand God to be the one in whom ‘we live and move and have our being’ (Acts 17:28).  We call “God” by many names and experience the sacred in a variety of ways. We believe God is revealed to us through scripture, reason, creation, communities and the experiences of our own lives and faith.

Community Helps us Honour and Sustain the Sacred

We gather in church community for support, companionship, connection, challenge, accountability and to experience God with one another.  Journeying with others reminds us of the foundations of the Christian path as lived out in scripture.  Communal life provides the opportunity to engage the rituals of the Christian tradition, which help to shape, form and sustain us.

Our Mission the mission of Squamish United Church is to be an inclusive community caring for God’s world. It is our hope that our faith and worship changes are lives in such a way that we might be a blessing to our community and world.


Sunday mornings at 10am (currently at St. John the Divine 1930 Diamond Rd)

Messy Church – Fun worship for all ages with story, craft, music and food. 5:30pm the first Friday of the month

Studies and book groups with a variety of times happen throughout the year often with seasonal focus. www.squamishunitedchurch.org