March 03 World Day of Prayer

All God’s Creation is Very Good!

Dear friends – every year the World Council of Churches organizes a World Day of Prayer with a particular theme in mind. This year the theme is care of the environment.

It is  a multi denominational Christian service developed each year by different countries. The invitation is open to all and is a good opportunity to meet others and learn.
The theme for the Suriname worship service urges us to evaluate how our actions affect our planet – one of our Lord’s greatest creations.
The environmental crisis is also a crisis of global justice. God’s justice always meant loving and sacrificial self-giving. We, as Christians cannot be silent. We live with the hope and belief that people have the means, and increasingly, the will to focus on justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

To recycle is to give a new use to objects, thus reducing the consumption of resources that may degrade the planet. We may use the way we do WDP activities to educate and campaign for climate justice.
All are invited to celebrate World Day of Prayer 2018. 
Saturday, March 3 at 2:00pm at:
St. John the Divine Anglican Church – 1930 Diamond Road, Squamish
Meg Toom of WildSafeBC  speaks on the theme:      All God’s Creation is Very Good!
For more information, please contact:  Pam Tattersfield     604-996-1161
This service is organized by:
The River Church                   St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Squamish United Church       St. John the Divine Anglican Church